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Platinum Packs

When the Company Needs to Streamline and Automate Operations

Make any video you want

Our AI intelligent program will showcase their arts so you will probably be impressed how these videos are branded to theirs and sent to the video platform.

  • All videos are sent directly to their own video platform
  • The company now has a full overview of the videos where they can edit, subtitle to much much more.
  • We need a logo and images that you yourself want to use on the videos we make.
  • The video can be used with different text and keywords so that a campaign reaches its recipients.
  • This is a lot to keep track of, so it is recommended that you have good project routines on the platform

Intro video

The choices your company now has are entirely up to how you want to promote your brand building. Some make one that is first on each video while others choose new eye-catching Intro video on each video they make.

  • Videos from 3 to 9 seconds that will mainly show the logo.
  • The company's branding must be understood so that there is not too much noise.
  • The audio file that you have selected in into videos should be followed in all.
  • Intro videos should be considered as the effect can ruin the important trigger experience

Their New Video Platform

This is the platform that will finally be able to give you a full overview and control over everything by and about Bedritens Video.

  • The company stores all video in one place with the fastest rendering that is on the market.
  • You can add or subtract from any campaign with a simple mouse click.
  • If changes are needed in a video, it is enough to change the video on the platform, and all user sites will be updated at the same time
  • You can record your own video with all possible combinations, screen or camera footage, go Live as Zoom, and all on your own platform.
  • There is so much to go into so we have chosen to have a separate page for this which you can find by clicking on the platinum colored button on the right .to h

Social And Other Campaigns

You now have your own Social Media platform which is undeniably the most important part of any marketing strategy

  • You get a platform that brings together all your social and marketing campaigns.
  • You have the latest developed marketing platform that will change your entire business.
  • You enter login data and send campaigns out to all media
  • I have created a separate page to be able to explain all that this platform can do for your marketer

Campaign setup

Campaign projects from different niches that can be used for up to 12 months, based on the start of the campaign

  • Setup is based on up to 12 months duration where you can use the videos.
  • Information that we require for the assignment can be provided by filling out a web form.
  • You also need some wallpapers that you can choose to send us digitally.
  • If the company uses an autoresponder, this must also be stated
  • Texts and any benefit packages, bonuses or gifts are also something your company must obtain.
  • Texts that are to be used and / or put to the vote must be delivered at least 3 days before the set time for the start of the campaign.
  • The company can choose up to 10 layouts

This Package is suitable for those who ...

  • sees the benefit of video as a publishing tool
  • Know that the new form of marketing is video.
  • has many types of niches and products to present.
  • who are tired of trying to keep track of video usage, everything is everywhere
  • is tired of sky-high bills for storing video on the web page
  • need to edit and customize video with text
  • will become the market leader in its industry
  • also sees automation of all marketing
  • do not like to see market budgets just rising, now you release them

We provide video creation, video production, video editing, video graphics and video storage.

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