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Our Start Packages Have Most Of What You Need

Lea Video Bronse Pakke

Bronze Pack

  • We make 1 Video a month  or you choose 3 video productions yourself
  • 2100 Animation suggestions to adapt to your needs
  • Self-selection gives you your own production platform.

    1. Select one of 2100 animations

    2  Upload logo, image, or video

    3. Enter the desired text.

    4. Select Your Color Codes.

    5. Select music or voice file5.

    6. You have a new video for the campaign

  • It can not be done easier, you feel like professional video graphics after the first video.
Lea Video Sølv Pakke

Silver Package

  • We make 4 Videos a month or you choose 10 video productions to put together yourself.
  • 2100 Animation suggestions to adapt to your needs.
  • The production platform is the last in video marketing.
  • You use the 1 to 6 method, your professional video is done
  • We make an Intro Video every month.
  • We set up 5 video campaigns lasting up to 2 months from the campaign starting point.
  • You can use the 5 video campaigns in any place you want

Gold Package

  • We make 10 Video per. month  or you choose 20 video productions for all campaign needs
  • The production platform with 2100 animation choices, gives each campaign a novelty level, their competitors never manage to follow
  • Here you get your own editing platform with 50 GB of storage, where you can produce camera, screen, image or sound in many different languages for the videos
  • You Make as many vieo champaigns as you desire.
  • We set up a social campaign where you choose 5 desired channels.

If You Know What Your Business Needs

Platinum Pack

This is the package for those who already have workers, or can set aside some time to familiarize themselves with the use, and want everything in the company's own environment.

You now get your own 100 Gb video editing and storage platform that most people only dream of, which gives you a full overview of your videos and gives you editing tools most people have only seen at large film production companies.

You can build the platform with 100 campaign projects, which you can use with a click to any desired site. And when it comes to editing tools, you just have to take off your hat for the team that has managed to integrate everything into one solution. Training video when you need it and support center where you get answers to everything you wonder within 24 hours.

This package also includes a marketing dashboard that automates most tasks and eliminates almost all of your online marketing budget. There is not room for everything about the platform or this new AI dashboard so I have made a quick overview that you can reach by clicking on "Check Content" and a deeper review from that page.

All-In Package

This is the package is for those who already have workers who are busy and have a desire to become a market leader in their industry or just want to have enough sales, even without having a sales team with salespeople,

If you want to build your own new business without thinking about hiring marketing personnel, then we set up everything you need in three niches to give you time to do what you are good at. Your company only needs to have a business plan that is in relation to the market and what you have as of today. One must also count on expansions, if the market dictates this to be able to deliver what you may want to sell. Here it is important if there is a large production that you make accurate analyzes of what you can manage to produce at any time.

You will receive up to 1 new video per. working day, which you can cut, add photos, video to video, texts, own voice or AI voice files, put together for longer or shorter, add your own projects and much, much more .... The social network and the recognition of their brand can explode if you hit the viral effect, and since you are in all places at the same time, it quickly becomes a lot to do.

You will of course have access to all the work and your own video editing and storage platform as mentioned above, and you are free to develop new niches and product campaigns beyond the 3 we take over for you. You can build the platform with any campaign project you want with the platform, so you can hire people to deliver this to others in need and build something that can even be better than what we at have managed, and we want you are most welcome to try.

This package also includes a marketing dashboard that automates most tasks and removes almost all of your previous online marketing budget while providing a total overview with article tools, spy tools, social connectivity, store connectivity, blog connectivity, automatic social media triggers and much much more .. We can not use this page for in-depth information, so I have created a quick overview that you can reach by pressing "Check Content".

We provide video creation, video production, video editing, video graphics and video storage.

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